Our Team

Nicola Rich

Owner, Trainer & Consultant

Engaging speaker, facilitator and a people person, with a proven background in Human Resources, Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing & Leadership

Anne Sheekey

Trainer & Holistic Health practitioner

Entrepreneur and Business Owner, specialising in proactive wellbeing. Focuses on the more natural approaches to building better mental and physical health for the workplace and beyond.

Nadia Muwanga

Associate Trainer & Consultant


Our Team

Emma Hine

Associate Trainer & Co-ordinator

Works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure all our training courses run smoothly. Emma ensures our clients are supported from the moment they book a training session to the follow up after a session.


Calm Influencer

You will not notice I am here unless there is food around or it is dinner time (4.30)...at which point I will drag Nicola away from her zoom by the ankles if I must.



You will hear me first and then have to find out where I am and what sort of trouble I have got myself into this time.

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