Learning Bursts (1 hour)

Our one-hour interactive talks are very popular because they are more informal and less structured than traditional training, adding bursts of helpful inspiration to a persons day! You can choose from any of the nine learning bursts below or, for more impact, schedule one learning burst a month. 

Call us without any obligation: Anne 07966 799659 or email: Anne@ninetothrive.co.uk 

Managing Stress

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. Being under pressure is a normal part of life, although it should not be the case that you become overwhelmed by it on a regular basis . 

This interactive workshop will look at the impact of stress, what it is and how we acknowledge it. We will look at some very effective habit changes that can really help to alleviate its negative impact on our Health & Wellbeing, and also learn some mindful practices to help us feel more in control and better able to manage it.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is concerned with how people think and feel, how they engage with their emotions, their ability to cope with life events and how they communicate with others. In this session, people learn the important role which emotions play at work, how to recognise them, how to react more mindfully and how to express them in the most constructive way.

Sleep, Relaxation & Energy

We all know that sleep and rest play a vital role in good health, cognitively, emotionally and in people’s general ability to perform. However, sleep ‘problems’ are unfortunately quickly becoming an epidemic. In this session, we look at how daytime routines affect people’s sleep patterns and how we conserve and boost our energy levels. We will offer tips and tools to enhance the quality and duration of sleep.

Mood & Food

People who are feeling below par, exhausted, anxious or unrefreshed no longer need to take a passive approach. There is much compelling evidence about the links between food and our nerves, brain and digestion and thus our mood. In this session, we explore some useful biology about the essential relationship between good digestion and our natural energy levels and emotions. We also look at particular food groups and offer some great tools to help people take back the control of how they feel.


From trainees to seasoned leaders, everyone has times when they experience self-doubt. Self-confidence can show in many ways: in behaviour, body language, how we speak, what we say, and so on. The good news is that self-confidence really can be learnt and built on. Discover top tips to increase confidence.

Purpose & Flow

Having a sense of purpose and flow at work helps to increase engagement and employee motivation. Sometimes people lose sight of what matters, and in this session, we help people reconnect with their passion so that they can thrive at work and in life. Helping us to determine what we value most enables us to make better decisions and stay on track.


Mind full or Mindful

Mindfulness is a simple, effective and enjoyable way of being more present and aware.  It allows us to pause and focus on what is important. Whether it is carrying out routine day-to-day tasks or taking a break, this session is designed to illuminate the pragmatic nature of mindfulness and how it can be applied at work so that we feel calmer and more in control.

Mental Health

This session intends to broaden people’s view of what mental health is, what it means to have a mental health condition and how we can talk more freely about it so everyone feels included, supported and able to live and work well. We will also look at the factors that promote recovery and wellbeing.


From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to spot the difference between stress and anxiety. Both can lead to similar symptoms, yet there are differences. It is important to identify when stress crosses the line from being an occasional experience, to anxiety, a real, everyday problem that affects our health and overshadows our lives. In this short briefing session, we will talk about what anxiety and panic is, learn tips for managing anxiety and discover how we can support someone experiencing a panic attack.


Each workshop costs £300. 00

Please contact Emma@ninetothrive.co.uk or Anne@ninetothrive.co.uk via her mobile, 07966 799659.

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