Our Flagship Training Courses

Mental Health First Aid Lite

Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England. Our half day course is an introductory three hour session to raise awareness of mental health at work.

Mental Health First Aid

The much aclaimed two day nationally accredited course by Mental Health First Aid England. Everyone who completes the course obtains a certificate to say they are a Mental Health First Aider.

Mental Health for Managers

Helping line managers 

find better ways of tackling Mental Health in the workplace.

Wellbeing Champions

This creative workshop teaches employees how to be a  Workplace Wellbeing Champion. If you want to create more engagement with your workplace wellbeing programme

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) has been found to be twice as important as other competencies in determining outstanding leadership. EI is linked to strong performance because, for example, it can help us to work better with others, or better lead change.


Thriving means a lot more than the absence of stress, or mental ill-health. It is about having energy, passion, self-esteem, improved physical health, supportive relationships and being successful in our endeavours. Resilience training helps sustain the performance of both the individual, and organisation.

If you would like more information on a particular type of training, please send me a message..

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