Anne Sheekey

Anne has had an interest in wellbeing and nutrition for many years but rather than just look at ways to 'be healthy', her more realistic approach focuses on being 'the right side of the balance'.


She founded ATTIC teas as a wellbeing company in 2006 with her partner Ric. They offer a selection of high quality loose-leaf Chinese teas, known for millennia in China for their fortifying effects on the body and mind, and have also created blended herbal mixtures for their therapeutic benefits.

Most people are really looking for support, especially with flagging energy, poor sleep, troublesome digestion and low immunity. These problems often aren't severe enough for doctors visits and medication, but have a negative effect on people's sense of wellbeing, their mood and approach to their day. 

When drunk on a regular basis, by using these natural medicines and tonics, they really saw the power of prevention, dealing with illness and health niggles before they became too problematic and seeing the change in people, especially in their mood and approach to life, having tools at hand to better navigate and cope with their day to day life.

Anne now runs the 'learning bursts' for Nine to Thrive, 1-hour workshops and interactive talks on everyday problems encountered by the workforce and offer advice and tools to prevent longer term conditions developing. They include things like Sleep and energy, food and mood, resilience and dealing with stress.


These compliment the work Nicola does on training the workforce to be more Mental health aware and better able to support colleagues, as they offer the support for your own personal mental health too.

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