Why Nicola & Anne came together

Nicola and Anne met at the Health & Wellbeing Action Group set up for the Bristol 2015 European Green Capital year. They helped to create Workplace Wellbeing Week and supported businesses from a diverse range of sectors in raising the level of employee engagement and wellbeing in their own organisations. 

They both see an essential need for a change of approach from the old reactive style of 'dealing with the problems once they exist, to a new, and more proactive way of looking at things and trying to prevent the problems before they arise.

While working at Stride Treglown, Nicola created their wellbeing programme from scratch and in June 2015, they became the first Bristol organisation to achieve the top award of excellence in all eight standards of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.  In 2016, they also won the Happy & Healthy Go Green Award for that year. Nicola also works with the charity organisation, Bristol Mind.

Anne is the co-founder of ATTIC teas and in June 2013, ATTIC were invited to do their first 'workplace tea clinic' to introduce employees to the benefits of drinking certain teas to improve energy, digestion, mood and concentration and also reduce their caffeine intake. It was here that the seed was planted to create a 'positive' initiative to help companies encourage the best from their employees using the skills of local people and businesses who offer great solutions for those at work. 

Nine to Thrive was inspired by creating a service to bridge the following two worlds:  

  • The world of HR and occupational health where there is the growing expectation to promote a better Health & Wellbeing culture in our businesses, informing employees of the positive choices available, even though we may have a limited budget, few - if any - resources and invariably, some company resistance;
  • The world of being a service provider that can offer great solutions to common problems in the modern workplace.

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