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Healthy Hydration means different things to different people. Here in the West, we all have plentiful access to safe drinking water and yet a huge proportion of us are thought to be dehydrated, which is often exhibited in constant fatigue and tiredness.

Therefore, in our culture, healthy hydration is about ensuring that we are consuming enough water and this is where ATTIC can help. We provide heathy, hydrating beverages that can be consumed hot or cold. They not only provide the water content you need to be properly hydrated, but they also contain herbs and tea leaves with therapeutic vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, known for their health-giving benefits, which can be chosen to target your personal needs.

The HYDRATION STATION offers a place to chat about your health and specific issues, have a delicious cuppa, sample and try out the teas most suited to you, gain relevant information and purchase products to help get you started on your journey.

Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, organ in your body needs water to work correctly. Your body uses it for every function from maintaining its temperature, transporting nutrients, removing waste and lubricating your joints.

Better hydration is the second most potent way to improve your Health & Wellbeing, trumped only by oxygen and the quality of your breathing. With such a simple and readily available tool, most people will see a big improvement in their digestion, sleep and energy levels, just by starting to drink more water.

We take our access to drinking water for granted, but in many areas of the world, healthy hydration means just finding any water that is safe to drink. FRANK Water, a Bristol-based charity, works with some of the most deprived communities in India and Nepal to help them secure safe, clean drinking water and sanitation.

We support their work by donating 10% of any sales from the HYDRATION STATION to them, so you are aiding your own Health & Wellbeing by stepping onto the path of better hydration as well as helping some of those millions of people around the world who would cherish that chance too.

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